This is ADHD is written by people with ADHD for people with ADHD. We provide resources and knowledge regarding all facets of ADHD including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and acceptance. We’ll to help you navigate the slippery and ever changing slope of daily living with adult ADHD.

We aim to…

  1. support adults who have or suspect that they may have ADHD by providing resources, information and personalized support;
  2. provide the perspective of adults with ADHD with a strict policy of inclusion;
  3. spread ADHD and mental health awareness; and
  4. provide resources and support for those with someone in their life who has ADHD.

If you don’t have ADHD, we hope that This is ADHD gives you a window into this neurodevelopmental disorder that is often misdiagnosed, and underdiagnosed.

If you do have ADHD, sit back, enjoy the read. You’re not alone and we love you.

Other Things About The This is ADHD Website

You’ll notice a few things about our website that we have introduced in order to improve the experience of those with ADHD. Here’s the thing. We’re not perfect, just like you, so you will see inconsistency, but here is what else you’ll see:

  • We use minimal colors and animations
  • We try write concisely and to the point
  • Content is front and center
  • Each post has a Read Time to help you with your time blindness. You never don’t have enough time to support and understand your own mental health.
  • Posts have a thumbs up and thumbs down rating system for you to provide your feedback, and to see what others think.
  • We use headings in content to break out content
  • Words, phrases, and ideas are sometimes linked externally to sites like Wikipedia, Merriam Webster and other resources, if a concept is too complex to describe, or isn’t relevant to the article.
  • Any ads are placed in non-intrusive locations in relation to the content

Sharing Your Opinion

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